One Good World

World Market Center Las Vegas undertakes major efforts to forward green initiatives in the home furnishings industry. The introduction of ONE GOOD WORLD, a sweeping program that encompasses the many eco-friendly practices at World Market Center's trade complex, equips retailers with the insights, information and strategies needed to respond to the rising consumer demand for sustainable furnishings—and reduce one’s own carbon footprint in the process. The effort includes a sustainable products locator program, showcased manufacturers throughout its biannual Las Vegas Market, an expanded educational offering including prominent celebrity designers speaking on sustainability, consumer research, and digital newsletters.

At the February 2010 Las Vegas Market, World Market Center partnered with the Sustainable Furnishings Council along with World Wildlife Fund, Rainforest Alliance, Forest Stewardship Council and numerous other leading governmental, environmental, academic and trade organizations to launch the first cross-disciplinary ECOngress on legal and sustainable wood sourcing in the home furnishings industry. Similarly, World Market Center sponsors an annual consumer study on green home furnishings to measure consumer awareness, interest and behavior related to sustainable furnishings.

World Market Center, Las Vegas Design Center and the Sustainable Furnishings Council sponsor the annual international design competition, One Good Chair, which encourages design participants to contribute their vision for a new kind of “eco-chair” that demonstrates a new attitude and new conceptual design toward an old problem and transcend basic green standards by transforming the very nature of the chair.

World Market Center also makes it a priority to make environmentally conscious decisions in its own business operations. It regularly recycles packing material, as much as 70 percent of all refuse is recycled on site, and has put into circulation environmentally friendly products whenever possible, from water bottles, paper and plastic materials that contain a higher level of recyclable material.